5 Facts You Didn’t Know about Donald Trump

January 12, 2019


Facts You Didn’t Know about Donald Trump:Whether you love him or despise him, you just can’t ignore Donald Trump. “The Donald” has been a controversial public figure long before his recent bid for the presidency. The real estate mogul isn’t after the presidential perks or salary, in fact it’s costing him dough to chase the oval office, so why is he doing it? Some say he’s running for a higher purpose, to restore our country to glory. Others claim he is a megalomaniac with nothing currently better to do than rile up America.
To fully understand Trump, it’s important to dig deeper than the sound bites and information offered by talking heads on TV. One minute he sounds almost presidential, other times he seems a misogynist bully. Not too many voters really know what he’s about so it’s important to analyze the man behind the public image with some lesser known facts about Donald J. Trump.
5. When asked about his hair, he changes the subject–fast


In an interview published by Outside the Beltway.com, a reporter asked him about his hair routine. He said he washes it with Head and Shoulders shampoo and in the same breath went on to dis comedian Jerry Seinfeld for not attending his son’s charity event. His segue into the topic change was that he reads the paper after washing his hair and Jerry was in the paper. When pressed further about his unique hairstyle, he insists it’s not a comb over. Efforts to track down Trump’s hairdresser have failed, as Donald did divulge that he does his own hair. Many style critics are not surprised.

4. Donald Was Blond as a Child

Reporters have described Trump’s hair as “Cigar Stained Teeth Amber” to “Burnt Cheetos Orange,” however, as a child his hair was an enviable delicate shade of pale buttery blond, according to a photo on Oprah.com. Perhaps this is why he continues to bleach his locks, that turned darker as he aged, in hope of duplicating his baby photo look. Trump’s ever changing hair color evolution over the years have been a source of interest as well as cannon fodder for comedians and commentators.

3.  His Astrological Moon Sign is Sagittarius

Trump was born June 14, 1946 and because his sun sign lies in Gemini it’s not surprising that the pubic sees “Two Donalds” as Gemini is the sign of the twins. Sun signs reveal the outer self, however, a person’s moon sign in their natal chart shows their emotional personality. Having his moon in Sag means he couldn’t keep quiet or filter he comments even if he tried, as people with Sagittarian moon signs are driven from within to be blunt, straightforward and talk–a lot. 

2. Donald Trump Donated To Scientology

Although it’s well known that Trump does give his time and money to various organizations, The Smoking Gun reports that in 2006 Trump gave $1,000 to the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Fund, a fund promoted by celebrity Scientologist Tom Cruise to help 911 rescue workers participate in the church’s “purification rundown” program. Whether Trump really understood it was Scientology, or just shelled out the cash for a seemingly good cause, is debatable. Perhaps Trump just wanted to get Cruise’s zealous minions off the phone. 

1. Trump Doesn’t Allow Guns on Most of His Properties

Although he has spoken out against strict gun control and “gun free” zones, you better leave your piece at home if you want to set foot on his properties. According to a recent ABC News Article Trump says that guns are not prohibited, yet his operating security staff at his golf courses and hotels disagree.

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