5 essential Pokemon Go tips to help you get closer to catching them all

January 12, 2019
Pokemon Go

5 essential Pokemon Go tips to help you get closer to catching them all :Gen 4 Pokemon have finally arrived in Pokemon Go, injecting a fresh dose of excitement into Niantic's augmented reality game. So what better time to brush up on your ability to catch them all, with our Pokemon Go tips. Our ultimate Pokemon Go tips to make sure you’re making Ash and co proud. Now go be the best and catch ‘em all.

5-Use public transport wisely for Pokestops and Pokemon

Pokemon Go

So it turns out that if you have really fast fingers, you can nab Pokemon from the train or bus. The app doesn't count your travel as steps - unless you are travelling under 10mph -  but you can still see Pokemon on the map and if you can tap them quick enough, you can capture them from your seat. You'll need to be fast with that Pokeball though or they'll disappear. Cheaty...

4-Bring a buddy
Where would Ash Ketchum be without his Pikachu? Bonds between trainer and Pokemon are not only cute, but beneficial. Head to your trainer profile and select the "Buddy" option from the menu. Here, you can select any Pokemon you've caught as your new walking partner.
Walking with a buddy earns candy for its species, so it's particularly helpful to pick something rare in your area that you want to evolve. Dying for a Charizard but only caught one Charmander? Set him as your buddy and earn Charmander candy just for going on a stroll.
Different species of Pokemon require different distances before you'll earn a candy for your trouble, so consult our chart of Pokemon Go buddy walking distances to help you make your pick.

3-Time for the gym
Pokemon Go

They’ve evolved over the years since launch but Pokemon Gyms are where you’ll test your Pokemon in battle against other trainer’s ‘mon. Now, while you’re not battling other players directly, it’s still an enjoyable face off. Gyms tend to be train stations or other big landmarks and you’ll see them proudly displaying Pokemon team colours. Yellow for Instinct, red for Valour and blue for Mystic.
Each gym has a Pokestop at the top and up to six Pokemon inside. If you have arrived at a rival team’s gym, you can jump in and battle, or train if you are at a friendly gym. Gyms run on what’s called ‘Motivation.’ Every time you fight a Pokemon, its motivation drops. Drop the motivation of every Pokemon in the gym to 0 and you’ll win the gym. It might sound easy but it takes serious time to chip away at if you’re alone and the gym is full of powerful Pokemon.
To save things being unfair though, you can’t have more than one of each type of Pokemon so you won’t find 6 Tyranitar to make your way through. If you pass a friendly gym and there’s a spare slot, you can leave your Pokemon to fight for your team. Bear in mind though that they’ll be there for the duration. You do get paid though. For every 10 minutes held you’ll earn one coin, up to a maximum of 50 coins a day.

2- Level up and evolve your Pokemon
If you want to fight at gyms you're going to have to level up your Pokemon, so that means increasing their CP stat. You can do this in the power up section when you are looking at your individual monsters - a combination of Stardust and Candy will do the trick. You can get Candy when you send back that specific Pokemon to Professor Willow so keep an eye out for that specific Pokemon and keep sending them back to earn more. It's big numbers of Candy that'll let you evolve too.
When you evolve your Pokemon, you want them to be as high a CP as possible in order to evolve into an even more powerful beast. If you want to get into the nitty gritty of exactly how much you can level up, pop your Pokemon's details into an IV calculator such as Pokeassistant. This breaks down every category to give you information on your best possible ways to evolve.

1-Take part in Professor Oak's Quests and earn yourself some sweet rewards
Pokemon Go

If you're one of those lapsed Pokemon Go players, you'll be pleased to hear that there's a lot more structure nowadays in how to play the game. Professor Oak has invaded Pokemon Go and is delivering a stack of challenges that give you a focus for playing. There are two types of challenges available in-game. The first are Field Research quests, which you pick up from Pokestops. They include tasks like winning a certain number of Gym Battles, taking part in a Raid or catching a certain number of a specific type of Pokemon. If you complete seven of these, you'll earn yourself a special Pokemon, which always comes equipped with a move that it can't usually learn.
The second type are Special Quests. These are pre-set by the Poke Professor himself, and there are eight sets of three quests. If you complete them all - and they're not easy - you get the ultimate reward: your very own Mew.

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