Texts From Masters of Sarcasm

Texts From Masters of Sarcasm

Texts From Masters of Sarcasm

 It is said that all cynics are world-weary romantics. Whether that’s true or not, another thing is certain such people are mightily skilled in the art of the sharp and witty reply.

best comments :

1- I just had an amazing random thought! do you think the ocean is salty because land never waves back?? My brain just exploded thinking about it!!

2-whoever named this video should be praised for their understanding of the English language. They could possibly rival that of Alanis Morissette herself. True genius is hard to find.

3-Unknown number: hey watcha doin Girl:who is this someone changed the names for my contacts Unknown numbr:what does my contact say Girl:batman Unknown number:whatever you do dont change it Girl:seroisly who are you! Unknown number: I am the night

4-l know it's late... but what did u guys got for Christmas? l got a lenovo yoga tab 3 pro,new sneakers,money,clothes,fidget spinners etc.noww reply me by saying what did u got for Christmas. don't forrget to like me

5-O M G the 18th one ahahahah was like i must say that the girl surely has brains like it took me nearly 3mminutes to understand that and nearly eery other too

6-I am ashamed to admit... that I thought the battery and time in the right hand corner actually belonged to my phone. I was like Why does the time keep changing?! and why isn't my phone charging?! I'll just unplug it... FULL BATTERY?!?! WHAT?! Wait... now it's almost dead?! WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME PHONE!!!! Wait a minute...

7-The ones who made this video deserves an award for ingenuity and humour. I have never seen anybody convey the concept of "sarcasm" so well in a single video. Congratz, "Bright Side", you've done it! You've finally understood what makes good humour, what sarcasm is, and finally: What makes GOOD sarcasm.

8-the title alone pretty much describes what happens in the whole 12 minute Texting Episode. Out of all the 35 hilarious texting clips shown, #'s 3, 10, 11, and 13 are by far the absolute best fitting ones. For anyone who didn't get the chance to get the entire context of those 4 specific clips, here is essentially what they are. It's also worth mentioning, only one of the texters in each clip are given their name, as indicated on the upper left corner of the screen. 

9-This one uses the known name Penny, which was a girls name which I personally knew nobody possess after Elementary School back 7-8 years ago. Along with bringing her name back to memory, she also gives a genuinely kind compliment to whom she is texting, which alone stand out to be the reasons this clip is on my list 

10- #10: Okay, this had to be at least close to the greatest LOL moment in the video due to these factors. Matt starts off by saying Hello, which then follows the response of Yes. Matt then brings up a good point that saying Yes made just no sense, and Hello was just more logical. Right after all that, he asks a yes/no question following with the other texter giving the literal funniest response, saying Hello when only Yes and No were applicable. Long story short, he first says Yes instead of Hello, and then Hello instead of yes #11: Interestingly enough, these next two don't give even one of the texters name. Anyway, this Unknown Number guy is looking for a real photographer, and the other guy says he really is. Funny, at least, the Unknown Number asks to borrow Little Mermaid's tail, and other exotic costumes for proof. When he states he is unable to do any of this due to not having any of these costumes, he is then declared as not a real photographer as unable to dress up any fellow actors, simply resulting in the Unknown number guy moving on to the next person. #13: Yet, another Unknown Number guy asks, this time how much it would cost for a tattoo. The response just questions what specific tattoo he needs. He states it doesn't matter what tattoo, as long as he gets one, and that's enough to determine it's cost at $70. Even more hilarious, afterwards, the Unknown Number guy then asks what tattoo, and is responded, again, by It Doesn't Matter. Similar to #10 in a way, this is the same text, just implied in a different way throughout the scene, which makes it even more fun to keep watching :D Despite me taking these texts WAY more literally as this video intended them to be, I still found them to fit very well into their main purpose, a funny compilation of Master Sarcasm Texters. Keep up the great work again, +BRIGHT SIDE. We hope to see awesome videos like this in the future

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