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How to use FGL PRO for Pokemon GO

November 14, 2018

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How to use FGL PRO for Pokemon GO :A Compact video on how to spoof safely on android with the latest pokemon go update and google play services update, with every fix every tip and every hack required for you to spoof in this video. The 100% Safe Pokemon go spoofing hack for ANDROID. Ever wanted to spoof in pokemon go: Hey guys what's up it's your street and welcome to The Complete Guide for spoofing on Android devices. This guide is updated for November 2013. Before we begin the tutorial there is one condition that you must meet find your Android device which is right here. Seven point one point one and make sure that it is above 5.2 or equal to 5.2. If it is below 5.2 you cannot move because you are unable to select a mocking application and developer settings. So I'll show you what that means. Wulguru additional settings Developer Options.

 You will be unable to select an application you will only be able to turn Maake applications on or off and if it's that's why. If beer below 5.2 you can actually spoof. Now if you're above 5.2 then cool you probably can't spoof so I can move onto the next step. Now I know if you can spoofer not with me one of the three types of Android spoofing techniques given mine that downgrading is mandatory and you cannot spoof unless you do so things you actually must do before downgrading Google Play Services and the first thing you must do is actually check whether or not you can downgrade before twelve point six point eighty five.
 So before you click the Install Updates button however you must check the version number and the brackets after it as you can see the brackets right now for me are 0 4 0 4 0 8 and you must write down the six numbers as they will prove very important later on in the video. Now you should go ahead and uninstall updates after you uninstall updates. There are two types. Either you will be below twelve point six point eight five or above twelve point six point eighty five. I'll be going over the users who have their phones below twelve point six twenty five.
First if you find that Google Play Services version is below twelve point six twenty five then you will have to download this LPK. Now what this does is it brings your phone up to a security patch where spoofing is possible. So remember those six numbers that I said were very important earlier. You'll need to use them now. So match your device. Are those six numbers as the devices on here. There are a lot of options to choose from but those six numbers are unique and your Android version will determine which wish a PKU actually download the reminder if you are above twelve point six point a five factory version you will be unable to install these applications and you should wait until the next part of the video where I show you how to spoof with twelve point six point eighty nine.
 So after we've installed twelve point six point eighty five onto our phone there's one thing you gotta do you need to go to settings and go to additional settings for me at least. Privacy device administrators and make sure that find my device is turned off. Never activate find my device while spoofing. Because this allows Niantic to actually detect that you're using a third party app to location which will get you banned. So do not make sure this is off. The next thing they need to do is download FDL pro. Now FDL pro is the only application I would recommend.
 Aside from of course the other application that recommended two days ago but FTL pro is definitely the best application for Android. So a quick quickly search FDL pro and just click open now for FDL Froh since I'm currently running on a higher Google Play Services version Ill say that June 2018 Google's services is detected. Now make sure that if you have below 212 points explaining 5 that this message does not show up if it shows up your Google services has updated. And I'll be going over how to stop automatic updates later in the video.
But for now we will do this. OK I was just I'm sure enclosed is message. No thanks. So the settings you need for for your for spoofing location are so secure mocking marking artifacts location and joystick. Everything else is is it's your choice really. And personally these are my settings so I use a method to actually I don't know why dimethoate run one right now. There is no there's not much difference between the methods but sometimes they make a lot of difference in terms of whether or not you get an error 12 or an error 11.
 So make sure that you get some make sure you tried all 3 mocking methods before actually asking for help. People have reported that after downgrading or uninstalling Duplay services their phone reverts back to twelve point six point eight nine and I've gotten reports where people can actually spoof with this version. So I would like you to test it out if you can. What you do is you got uninstalled the updates to Google Play services at your current version and if it goes back to twelve point six point eight nine just run Google run off GoPro as normal and when you get that message to downgrade just close it and ignore it.
 Some people have been saying they've spoofed on it for almost two months now without any red warnings or any bat banners so I wouldn't recommend it. Of course. I recommend getting an older phone bot if you have no alternative. You can definitely definitely try it out. So how do we stop googlies services from updating now. There are two ways. And I highly recommend trying both before coming up to for help obviously. So the first way is going to Google services or Google Play Store or rather go to your settings auto update apps make sure it is on.
Do not auto update apps any of the tunes above will auto update for. For some reason but yet make sure it's on do you know how the auto update apps.
If this still doesn't work however of course you can go to settings and you can go to install the apps type in place store. Click that and click on install updates and for stop. Basically what you can do is you can just restrict data usage and boom it won't be able to won't be able to use any data and you can also click Forestar or disable disable the app entirely.
If Google Play Store cannot run it cannot it cannot update any apps. Now this may affect some applications on on the rest of your phone but it's a sacrifice that you have to make so that Google Play Play Services doesn't update automatically.
So you know after that thing you're all done really with. With setting up the Google Play Store and now it's time to move onto the FDL pro. So the first thing you want to do of course is go to the about tab if you have not enabled developer options. You want to click your menu version or Android version or whatever and I'll say you are developer now and you want to go to system and devices additional settings developer options. You want to turn developer options on obviously at the top side and they want to click select Mark location app you want to select.
FDL pro easy peasy yes or no. Yes. Easy peasy.
FDL pro by the way. For heavens right. Like I said there's enough Aecio pro is the only app that I say is safe. I can 100 percent guarantee you won't get banned. Other apps are unsafe and will detect whether you have modifications on because they actually don't have secure marking on some ass. Do they actually don't. So if you Sierra 12 stopped moving immediately because you will get banned. Trust me. Do not. And when I mean Eric Well I mean like the permanent Eric 12 on the top of your screen.
I don't mean the random occasional error 12 because those are completely fine. So you're going to want to go do FDL prope you want to. If you open FDL pro for the first time obviously you want to enable the overlays as well as downgrading the gameplay services and setting it up in the mock location settings. There are two things that you must remember always remember to have secure marking on secure marking is basically what makes this app different from the other apps will prevent Arawak from happening. There are three mocking locations you can try just like if one gives you 12 try the next one.
 If so they are 12. Try the next one if thousands don't get 012 stops having easy the like. Like I usually do error to method 2 because it's for some reason it's more smoother on my phone. But of course you can try them all out see which homework's auto full auto fix Mark location. Keep this one off because basically what it does is it teleports you back to your home location which is basically just a rubber band for free. Just turn it off joystick you want to have that enable. I don't know why you wouldn't want to have this enabled like Kamanga.
 Seriously. Come on when you go to gaming. No denying. You want to go to games security settings you want to click Help her banner by Softbank cooldown time chart saltpan is something I explained in another video and you should definitely go check it out. His soft band is very very important in terms of woofing and that's something you should definitely know about. You know maybe he won't hide. Of course spoofing from your friending just click hide app from screenshots. Another thing. There are a few things I want to talk about within FDL pro.
First of all error 11 fixes so try all the methods obviously go to the settings. Try all the methods. Oh by the way guys you knows. I have no ads on this version of FDL pro and that is because I doubt they became the description below that. That application has no ads whatsoever and it's the most updated version of FDL pro and it's completely fine. How to Fix R11 you want to try all methods. Some people have said that using data instead of Wi-Fi is something that solved it for them and for R11 it's normal you won't get banned for it.
Trust me on this one. Error 11 is something legit players get to and basically they just the phone can detect whether where their location is so it's completely fine. Just move the joystick a little bit which is what you would do in real life.
You move a little bit to refresh the location so that Pokemon Mongo can detect it. Super superheavy. It's also very normal to get R11 pop ups randomly. It isn't normal. Trust me I get them every 30 seconds every minute every minute or so. It's normal.
They all keep coming up no matter no matter how good your phone is they'll still have an error 12 fix is first of all you need to stop spoofing and some of the reasons why you may get error 12 is because your phone is incompatible. You haven't followed some of the steps above because those are going to give you. Then you need to enable secure marking and make sure the app is selected.
Those are the only things that I can think of currently for how to fix error 12 and this map is cool to rotate. Anyhow next one Loganair. So some people have been telling me in the comments below that they have some Loganair with poking Mongo so there are two types. There's a logging error which is stuck halfway and won't go past that mark.
This may be the reason this may be because your phone is actually incompatible with FDL pro or Pokemon Go when you're spoofing or when Mako locations is on and thus you will have to stop spoofing obviously or you can try reinstalling restarting your phone or clearing data and cache of poking Mhango to see if it fixes it. If it doesn't well maybe you just wait till tomorrow. Give us some time. It still doesn't work then you could probably stop spoofing because that's probably the reason why it's you can't log. There's also another one which is the logging infinit which basically you get to halfway.
And it gives you the it gives you the log out. It gives you the log out button you want to click the log out button and then just log in. Usually that's what works for me. I get it maybe once every five longans it's really annoying but you know you're spoofing already just got to deal with it. And the final thing that I want to talk about before I end this video yes it is normal.
Whenever you click a location you click play it lags.
If I move this it lags if I move this lags if I move the joystick a little bit it will. For my phone like you see I'm mocking please wait ill be close on Mackley this thing is normal. You just gotta wait for it for a smoother phone. This won't happen for as long. If your phone is pretty garbage and as a terrible has terrible specs then well it's can probably take longer but if you have an Android version 5.2 or plus then you should be fine. So yeah those are all the tips.
 My voice is sore. I hope you enjoyed the video. I tried. I'm going to try and make this as high quality as possible. I hope you enjoyed it like the new outro is the new intro good. I mean there's going to be an outro anyway so it might as well stay subscribe. Shameless plug in like the video shared around put on Reddit share on Facebook to those grannies of yours. And yeah I see guys in 2 days or something. No.

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