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this is the first ever Generation 3 evolution spree! We got some brand new Pokémon GO Gen 3 in the dex! This was also our last Gen 3 Pokémon Go adventure in America for 2 weeks

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1- We've been getting cloudy and partly cloudy a lot here in the Philippines, recently. Hope you'll be able to experience a nice mix of weathers while you're here

2-I couldn't imagine talking to you for more than 1 sentence, the amount of cut scenes draw me to believe you are ether retarded and cant talk for longer than 10 seconds or you think of something better to say later on and put it in there instead. Ether way it's pathetic and blatantly obvious. I've been watching you for a while but dude you have a problem and you need to STOP! Cut scenes are fine but not every 10 seconds!!!! It's never been as bad as its been in the last 1-2 weeks

3-Mystic i already have walrein shiftry manectric glalie and swalot

4-Hi Mystic7, how are you? I got a Nintendo Switch!!!! Enjoy your trip
5-magikarp is weak,magikarp is gone,give a like to the comment,you will get a rare pokemon.

6-I already have sceptile acctualy I have 2 sceptiles

7-I got my shiny Snorunt two days ago. I’m looking for my second one right now.

8-When you don't have any content but just have to post something.

9-yo Brandon what will be ur Gen 3 Houndoom? meaning, what Gen 3 will u attempt to catch last?

10-be sure to keep a good snorunt for later since snorunt can evolve into a different pokemon in a later generation.

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